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Local Programme

The call is running from July 15th to September 15th, and it is sufficient to fill out the form to apply.


Feel free to contact us for the form below or via sub.squ@gmail.com.

With the Local Programme beginning as of September, sub invites young creatives to participate in the process and positions of decision-making and organizing regarding their own actuality and future by opening a space to research, produce and share together with a series of events. The idea is for young people to find inspiration and motivation to creatively and freely express contemporary issues that surround themselves.

As part of the one-month program sub seeks to bring researchers, photographers, artists and writers living in Çanakkale together, who wants to communicate with the audience. For the events that will be shaped by the participants sub intends to provide space and resource with the aim of organizing exhibitions, talks, presentations and screenings as well as providing an opportunity for writers to publish their works. The call does not make distinction between disciplines.

The call does not make any differentiation between disciplines. sub will host an initial meeting on August 16th, Friday at 18:00 for people living in Çanakkale to get to know each other and to activate potential collaborations. This first round table is open to all, from any field of art and science, who want to express themselves and share their stories.




Started in July 2016 by Selver Yıldırım and Ecemnaz Dalmaz, the project ‘bilemezsin’ became a medium where “shitty” drawings about to be thrown away are published. Since September 2016, ‘bilemezsin’ opened to the participation of all and has been archiving and publishing.


sub is announcing an open call with bilemezsin for two concurrent exhibitions. The shitty works collected with the call will determine the theme of the exhibition at sub in September, and a parallel exhibition will be held in Istanbul.


“garbage work” owners are expected to send the non-high resolution photographs of their shitty works, tagging minimum three maximum infinite words between July 8 - August 8 2019 to bilemezssin00@gmail.com.

Open Call for Opening


In the opening of the spring season will take place in April 2019, we want to discuss a format that we frequently use:  "Curriculum Vitae".


Our suggestion is to blur the boundaries of this format, to talk about things that we have not had the opportunity to talk about before.

'Curriculum Vitae', abbreviated as CV, means 'the course of life' in Latin.


Nowadays, CV became a brief written description of the education, qualifications, previous work and sometimes personal interests compiled when applying for a place.

Without any limitations to the art form, you can respond this open call with your 'alternative CV' that you couldn't fit in the CV's meaning and function today.

You can send your applications to sub.squ@gmail.com, the deadline is 31 March 2019.


Please write to us for your questions and detailed information.

Guest Programme

sub plans to host 5 Guest Programs from April to October 2019.


You can reach the application form here.


For information on participation and residence conditions here.