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Founded in Çanakkale’s multicultural neighborhood Havra in 2017 by İlayda Tunca’s initiative, the space has transformed into a 90m2s studio, exhibition space and residency.


With the five-month culture and art project by RJNR, coordinated by Hazal Sipahi in 2018, which aims to create an alternative and safe space in Çanakkale where especially young people can find inspiration and motivation to creatively and freely reflect on the contemporary issues that surround themselves.The project hosted 21 guests and 20 events.

In addition to the workshops, exhibitions and performances, interaction based events organized by the artists' groups within the scope of RJNR, which brought both young artists and local art and culture scene into action. Project aims to host at least five artists / artists from different disciplines this year.


In 2019 project is ongoing with the same dynamics as RJNR and with the initiative of İlayda Tunca, Hazal Sipahi, Berna Küpeli, Emin Yu, Melih Aydemir, Selver Yıldırım, Orhan Mert and Ezgi Yurteri.